Saturday, 8 December 2012


During the course of 2012 I undertook a series of Continuing Professional Development workshops for the day job.  As part of that I had endless conversations with colleagues, both professionally established and those just joining the profession who each asked

"What is good CPD", "Am I doing it right?", "what is the point" and "how can this be really used as a development tool"

So, whilst I embarked upon the 46 hour journey from where I live in the South West of England to where my family live in Australia I contemplated on whether I could answer those questions in such a way that would appeal to anyone involved in CPD, across any sectors of employment.

This is part of that project.

At the moment I am in the process of completing the written text ready for publication and the launch day will be during January 2013.

So, watch this blog, or the twitter feed for further updates of the launch.

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  1. Excellent idea Julie to write up the posts but also to make it widely applicable. Whether at work or play, continuous learning is such an important part of improving what and how we do things.