Monday, 21 January 2013

Schedule & Structure

Over the coming weeks we shall explore an understanding of Continuing Professional Development (CPD), what is is and how we can get the best from it.

Inspired by the project 43Things, I have structured the forthcoming schedule with a Thing each fortnight.

We will kick off on Friday 1st February with each Thing published every two weeks on a Friday giving chance to catch up and allow for all that life throws at us.

If you fall behind the schedule there is no detention! you can simply catch up during the two week cycle or during the reflection weeks.

Between now and then it might be useful to decide how you are going to tackle the Things. Are you going to record your discovery and participation in a written journal or via a blog?

However you choose to participate there is no right or wrong answer. This is about YOUR development, exploring, reflection and discovery.

You can sign up HERE


  1. I'd like to dip into this. Although I work from home partly in Mr B's practice and partly as a struggling science writer, I would like to keep up some sort of CPD.

    1. You would be more than welcome. I did a trial with a couple of random colleagues and the feedback was positive . It is reflective, about thinking & being honest with yourself, whether you share that or not. As I wrote the program I did complete it & was surprised at the answers that "brainstormed". We also look at a few on line facilities & whilst most will know of them, exploration & development is ahead.