Friday, 15 March 2013

Thing 4 - Do you Blog?

Again this week we are going to look at a few questions for "being out there" 

Do you host a blog?
What do you talk about?
How do you attract followers
Blogging platforms available

I obviously host a blog, your looking at one! When I started the Anglers Rest blog it was 2002. It was the early days of blogging. What exactly did one put on a blog? and how do they differ from web pages?

Anglers Rest was formed and was, and still is a reflection of MY world - books, genealogy, holiday and anything else that takes my fancy. Since those early days I have developed other blogs, those that relate to specific projects -

I also contribute to Historical Tapestry a blog devoted to historical fiction. 

I also write several columns -
Personally, my blog(s) are MY space. It is an opportunity to share whatever is on my mind. The wonderful thing is that over the course of the time I have written my blog I have received comments and built friendships from fellow readers. 

Where can you host a blog?

The most popular are Wordpress & Blogger which is linked to Google. I prefer the latter, although have a small project (Loose Ends) on Wordpress to see how I get on.

Blogging Tips
  • Be mindful of what to include on your blog. Remember about the sensible stuff, not writing about your boss or naming your employer and then having a whinge!
    • Personal & hobbies
    • Work related
  • Comment on other similiar blogs - develop blog friendships with likeminded bloggers
  • Blog Hops
    • This is where a topic is posted about on several blogs and the link on YOUR blog shared with the host - usually via a linky. An example of this is the Progressive Book Group
  • Writing Prompts
    • There is a whole series of blogging prompts for the genealogists located at Geneabloggers
Further words

Having a blog and writing regularly  - say twice a week or so along with reading and commenting on others will gain your place in the blogosphere. On the whole, it is a friendly, helpful, supportive and informative place and one that should be enjoyed.

So do you blog? 
Are you going to change your blogging habits?
Are you going to create a blog?


  1. Yes, I Blog! Just had my One Year Blogiversary. Don't know how you have time for all that you do!
    Thanks for the tips,

    1. Hello Cheri, Grat to meet you! This is part of a wider project so I hope you keep reading and commenting!